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CNIA establishes gallium,selenium,tellurium branch 2015-06-26
China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association establishes gallium, selenium and tellurium branch Changsha Santech Materials Co.,Ltd attend the inaugural meeting.
On June 25,2015, the inauguration of the gallium,selenium and tellurium committee, a branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA), was held in Guangzhou,Guangdong province. The state council counselor,president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association - Chen Quanxun attended the inaugural meeting and delivered an important speech. Changsha Santech Materials Co.,Ltd, Gallium selenium tellurium branch member and related enterprises, Research institutes,Media industry, more than 120 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the vice president of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Wang Qin.
Chen Quanxun briefed the meeting the overall situation of rare metal industry, informed the production consumption situation, the technical level and the market price of gallium selenium tellurium in 2014, he also emphasized the strategic importance of rare metals and the special significance and role of the establishment of gallium selenium tellurium branch. Chen pointed out that the gallium selenium tellurium industry of China is relatively active, and has been the combination of a number of outstanding production enterprises and trading companies, new uses emerging, demand in some areas growing rapidly and showing a favorable market prospect. As a comprehensive Gallium selenium tellurium as a comprehensive utilization of resources,the development of Gallium selenium tellurium industry encountered some difficulties, this is a inevitable phenomenon during the process of the development of industrial transformation and structural adjustment under this economic environment.At present, China's economic development has entered a new normal, the industry development environment of non-ferrous metal industry has undergone major changes, the advantage of traditional industry is gradually weakening, but emerging industries are growing. Rare metal as an important supporting material of strategic emerging industries , which is still king of sunrise industry that can do a big deal.
For the future work of Gallium Selenium and Tellurium branch, Chen proposed three suggestions: First, we hope branch can establish service awareness firmly,and always plan a long-term development actively. Branch Secretariat should concentrate all the manpower,material and energy, making in-depth analysis of the development situation of the industry and related industries both in home and abroad with the help of experts,putting forward the common pursuit in the development of the industry and feasible policy suggestions which can provide scientific and reasonable basis and support for policy formulation,to create favorable conditions and environment for the orderly development of the industry. Second, the branch should relying on technological innovation, perseverance on expanding applications. We should focus on the industry "innovation and development, high-end development, globalization and sustainable development", Expanding channels and actively building domestic and foreign technology exchanges and cooperation platform, finding and fostering new economic growth points and striving to expand the application fields of gallium, selenium and tellurium,to play a real role in industrial development. Third, he hopes the branch can strengthen the industry self-regulation,to formation the development efforts of industrial. Should guiding branch members to strengthen industry self-regulation and solidarity, working together to maintain a good market order and creating a healthy and orderly environment for the development of the industry.
At the meeting, the head of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association read out the “Reply agreed to convene on China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association gallium selenium tellurium branch Inaugural cum 2015 China gallium selenium tellurium Forum”, the preparatory group of gallium selenium tellurium branch on behalf of Feng Juncong introduce the early preparations for the club. The meeting examined and adopted the gallium selenium tellurium branch work rules,dues regulations, governing electoral methods, etc, and elected the first session of the Council made up of 42 members. Through the one council elected a term of Gallium Selenium and Tellurium branch, Vice President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Wang Qin was elected as president of the First Council of gallium selenium tellurium Presidential Branch, the assistant general manager of China Aluminum International Trading Co.,Ltd Qu Wenchao and some others altogether 12 people elected the vice president of the first Council, the deputy chief engineer of Beijing Antaike Information Development Co., Ltd. Feng Juncong elected the first Secretary-General of the Council. After Wang Qin was elected at the meeting, she focused on the key emphasis in work of gallium selenium tellurium branch: First, efforts to improve the club's influence and cohesion, Second,carry out the industry research. Third,continue to strengthen the ability of information services. Fourth, gradually establish and improve the quotation system,Fifth, regularly convene thematic workshops meetings.
Changsha Santech Materials Co.,Ltd hope that the whole industry can be led in the organization of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and Gallium Selenium and Tellurium branch, organic integration the strategic resources, the level of technology and the industry development.We would like to see a new industry trends in the coming year. Changsha Santech Materials Co.,Ltd also hope to strengthen technological exchanges and the market depth cooperation in the association, contribute to China Nonferrous Metals Industry together.
Several other speakers arrived at the scene also released their viewpoint of the policy environment, the technical level and the demands of their own perspectives, highlights as follows:
China has a natural advantage in the development of CIGS thin-film solar cells,increase of indium reserves will protect the future security of raw materials.
Professor of Nankai University Sun Yun introduced in the speech, Thin-film solar cells compared with crystalline silicon cells, the maturity of them followed by the crystalline silicon cells, thin-film silicon, cadmium telluride and copper indium gallium selenide. Achieve the production of 1MW cadmium telluride thin-film solar cell, the use of Te in an amount of 80.7 kg, but to realization the production of 1MW of CIGS thin-film solar cell, needs 4 kg Gallium and 28.9 kg selenium. China is a rare metal resources country, has a natural advantage in the development of thin film solar cells,china is expected to gradually grow into the world's largest CIGS thin-film solar cell producer.Present the prices plummeted of solar cell also brings opportunities of China's development of CIGS thin film solar cells, in view of this, Professor Sun called on to reserves Indium to respond to the use climax.
Expanding domestic demand, enhance the value-added chain will help to form the voice market.
the deputy chief engineer of Beijing Antaike Information Development Co., Ltd.Feng Juncong expressed in his speech,Chinese economic normality reflected in the new industrial policy is: to encourage innovation, to the capacity and promote industrial upgrading and transformation. Consider from the national level, formulate a strategic rare metals directory, hierarchical management of rare metals, especially push international trade management policies to the times,and coordinate with a reserve system sound scientific, this is of great significance for the development of rare metal industry. Under the new normal,expand the domestic demand of rare material,extend the industrial chain and achieve the domestic circulation of resources,Will be more conducive of the  bidirectional control of supply and demand, form of the voice market.In international trade, we are eager to create a rule system with Chinese characteristics.
Strengthen technological exchanges with foreign enterprises,give fair certification to good product.
Chairman of Guixi Grand Sanyuan Industry Group Co.,LTD Wu Shijun hope that once gallium selenium tellurium Branch established. It can increase the research proposals and extend the value of products through the power of branch, ensure the symmetrical of technical information among domestic and aboard, strengthen technological exchanges with foreign enterprises, The introduction of technology and transform into productivity at the right time.Currently, China is lack of knowledge CdTe thin film solar cell which has advantage in thin film solar cell, they think That the cadmium telluride has larger environmental pollution. While the international United States and Europe are both in the extensive use of cadmium telluride thin-film solar cells, the main production of First Solar is CdTe thin-film solar cells, the consumption of Te is close to 200 tons per year. Chairmen Wu proposal that branch can draw the national authorities to re-certification the pollution problems of CdTe thin film solar cells.

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