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Tellurium Powder


Tellurium is a semiconductor materials showing a greater electrical conductivity. Tellurium powderis a dark grey powder produced in vacuum equipment under nitrogen protection, it has low oxygen(less than 10ppm)with great flowability.


available in 99.99% and 99.999%

Mesh size -100, -200, -325mesh
CAS No. 13494-80-9
Molar mass 127.60 g/mol
Melting point 450℃
Boiling point 988℃
Electronegativity 2.01
Band gap 0.35 eV

Specific heat

0.0481 Cal/g/K @ 25°C

Thermal conductivity 2.35 W/m/K
Technologies fluid energy milling
Packing 1kilo per vacuum bottle

Tellurium powder is used in telluride compounds, thermal analysis test cup, precision casting, quenching, special Steel/Aluminum additives, refrigeration materials, infrared detectors, test instruments, chemical vapor deposition and physical vapor deposition processes. Tellurium is often used as an additive to steel and it is often alloyed to aluminum, copper, lead or tin. Tellurium is added to lead to improve its durability, strenght and resistence to corrosion. It can be used for cast iron, ceramics, blasting caps, etc.

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