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The cooling technology of liquid metal gallium indium tin

Time: 2019-04-18

With the rapid improvement of computer performance, the large amount of heat generated in the chip becomes an important problem of thermal management. At the same time, CPU chips are getting smaller and smaller, leaving little room for cooling. At present, the total power consumption is about 100 W, and the peak power density is 400-500 W/cm2, which is still rising steadily. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to achieve higher performance and reliability.

New solutions, such as liquid cooling, thermoelectric cooling, heat pipes, steam Chambers, are being developed because conventional conduction and forced air convection technologies cannot provide adequate cooling for complex electronic systems. In recent years, it has been recognized that using low-melting liquid metal or alloy as coolant can significantly reduce the chip temperature. This new generation heat transfer enhancement method puts forward many important theoretical basis and practical problems to be solved. More and more attention will be paid to the thermal properties of low-melting liquid metals and their alloys and their potential applications in chip cooling.

The cooling technology of liquid metal gallium indium tin has obvious superiority compared with the traditional cooling technology and is expected to open up a new world for the cooling of computer chip.       Gallium Metal 3