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  • The cooling technology of liquid metal gallium indium tin

    Gallium Indium Tin alloy from Santech materials

  • Bismuth Series

    Let me show our bismuth product in this page

  • Tellurium Electrode Material Improves Capacity of Lithium Battery

    Researchers from Singapore's Science and Technology Research Bureau have found that tellurium can be used as an electrode material for lithium ion batteries, which can simultaneously improve the capacity and output energy of the batte...

  • Significant Progress in Lithium - Tellurium Battery System Technology Demand for Tellurium Will Increase

    According to foreign media reports, many researchers are currently committed to developing more energy-efficient batteries for electric vehicles. Some researchers said that they have made significant progress in the field of lithium - te ...

  • Exploring Tellurium Bismuth, the Second National Treasure

    Exploring Tellurium Bismuth, the Second National Treasure
    Tellurium bismuth resources are widely used in traditional application fields, mainly high speed steel, non-ferrous metal alloy additives, petrochemical catalysts and chem...

  • Advantages of Bismuth Metal

    Bismuth has a series of excellent characteristics, such as large specific weight, low melting point, cold expansion and heat shrinkage during solidification, etc. Especially, bismuth has many special applications due to its non-toxicity a...

  • Application and Application Field of Tellurium

    Tellurium is commonly used in photography, printing and dyeing, chemical reagents and meat preservation. Tellurium is mainly used in desulfurization and deoxidation of steel in iron and steel industry. It is also used as an additive of a...

  • The Magic Germanium

    The Magic Germanium
    Germanium is a semiconductor element, the temperature reaches more than 32℃, will release anions, which is negative ions, the human body's biological current play an important role.If the body's biological curr...

  • Santech travel Lnagshan mountain

    Last weekend we went to Lanshan Mountain, which is one of China's National Geological Park and famous for its unique Danxia landform. It is located in Xinning county,about 500 kilometers away from Changsha, capital of Hunan prov...

  • Spring Festival Holiday

    Dear Customers,

    Thank you all for giving our company full support in 2017. The Spring Festival of 2018 is around the corner, all the member of Santech wish you a happy Spring Festival and good luck in the year of the Dog...

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