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The Magic Germanium

Time: 2019-01-21

   Germanium is a semiconductor element, the temperature reaches more than 32, will release anions, which is negative ions, the human body's biological current play an important role.If the body's biological current chaos, blood and lymph circulation is not good, the waste will accumulate in the body, the body will appear neck and back pain, back pain, joint pain and dizziness and other symptoms.Then you need to use an external current to stimulate which parts of the pain and stiffness, can adjust the body's chaotic biological current.Clear the waste back to the normal victory function, natural thinking agile, flexible action.

   Germanium on the human body has a very special magical effect, experts called the Twenty-First Century life-saving germanium, is the nemesis of human disease.Popular in Japan and Southeast Asia, is now popular in the world. 


So, to summarize, there are health benefits

1.Antiviral, inhibit bacteria

2.Enhance human immunity, anti-aging

3.Stimulates leukocyte growth

4.Regulates cholesterol, regulates blood pressure

5.Free radical scavenging, inducing Y-interferon

6.Enhances phagocytosis of macrophages

7.To rid the body of toxins.

8.Improvement of autonomic disorders

9.Promote nerve cell activation, alleviate symptoms of physical discomfort

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