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  • Introduction of Galinstan

    Galinstan is a brand-name and a common name for a liquid metal alloy whose composition is part of a family of eutectic alloys mainly consisting of gallium, indium, and tin. Such eutectic alloys are liquids at room temperature, typically m...

  • Process for preparing Bismuth citrate from Bismuth oxide

    Process for preparing Bismuth citrate from Bismuth oxide.The method includes the following steps:Step 1, pulverizing Bismuth oxide to a prescribed average particle diameter;Step 2, preparing a predetermined concentration of aqueous c...

  • Bismuth Octoate

    Bismuth Octoate is a highly effective organic Bismuth catalyst for the production of polyurethane synthetic leather pastes, coatings, adhesives, sealants, runway glues, elastomers and foams....

  • The use of Germanium Oxide

    Germanium dioxide, also called germanium oxide, germania, and salt of germanium,[1] is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula GeO2. It is the main commercial source of germanium. It also forms as a passivation layer on pure ge...

  • Tellurium’s effects on properties of gray cast iron

    Tellurium coating is often used to solve the leakage problem of cylinder blocks and heads. However, it has been revealed by investigation that the tellurium could influence the graphite morphology and matrix structure of cast irons and ca...

  • Tellurium recycled from cuprous telluride slag

    Tellurium is usually separated as copper telluride slag in pretreatment process of copper anode slime. Copper telluride slag was treated by processes of sulfating roasting, water leaching, alkaline leaching, oxidation, acid leaching, and ...

  • Bismuth Vanadate

    Bismuth vanadate is the inorganic compound with the formula BiVO4. It is a bright yellow solid. It is widely used as visible light photo-catalyst with a narrow band gap of less than 2.4 eV. More specifically bismuth vanadate is a mi...

  • Preparation of Bismuth Oxide Photocatalyst and Its Application in White-light LEDs

    Bismuth oxide photocatalysts were synthesized and coated on the front surface of phosphor-converted white light-emitting diodes to produce a safe and environmentally benign lighting source. Bismuth oxide photocatalyst powders were synthes...

  • A Lower-Melting-Point Solder Alloy for Surface Mounts

    Significant manufacturing cost reductions can be realized with lower-temperature surface mount processing by increasing yields and using less expensive components and boards. A lower-melting-point solder alloy (nominal composition Sn-41....

  • Printing low-melting-point alloy ink to directly make a solidified circuit or functional device with a heating pen

    A new method to directly print out a solidified electronic circuit through low-melting-point metal ink is proposed. A functional pen with heating capability was fabricated. Several typical thermal properties of the alloy ink Bi35In48.6...

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