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August Trip of Zhangjiajie

Time: 2015-08-25

On 22nd and 23rd August, a clear day with brisk air in Autumn; to celebrate a successful completion of the July target, relax the mind and help the body to recover from a busyness, and implement go to Zhangjiajie for a walk, we Santech stepped into Zhangjiajie National Forest Park then ascend on the top of the Mount Tianman by taking the touring ropeway.

The first day, we journeyed Zhangjiajie National Forest Park on foot, which is known for its unique cliff mountains, deep valleys and the greenery woods. The splendid sceneries crown the park as “three thousand peaks, and eight hundred miles of clean water".

Have you ever experienced the excitement of flying over the clouds of the cableway length at 7454m and 1277m height difference?

Stand on the station between the local slope of up to 37 degrees, rare in the world, is the local slope largest ropeway, but also the bracket up to the ropeway, so it gives a soul-stirring feeling the momentum of the sky.

Another soul-stirring place, the glass skywalk spans 60 meters of a 2-km loop encircling the vertical cliffs of Tianmen Mountain. We walked through it and enjoyed the memorable time of second day. It feels like you hang in midair sky when taking each step, without any upholder at your feet.

Through this trip, we not only enjoyed the splendid Zhangjiajie sights of lofty peaks, deep valleys, gurgling springs and pretty trees, also enhance the understanding of each other and sublimate Santech culture of 'integrity', 'Teamwork', 'all-embracing'.