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Six Colleagues travel to the roof of the world –Tibet

Time: 2015-10-09

2015.09.28, we got off the flight at Lhasa, a place that always cannot be missed by world travelers. This began the Changsha Santech’s journey of Tibet.

Entering the Tibet Autonomous Region everything slows down as oxygen levels decrease, allowing people to enjoy the region's fantastic natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere.

The autonomous region is on the Tibetan Plateau in Northwest China. As the highest region on Earth, Tibet has an average elevation of 4,900 meters above sea level.

Day 0ne – day three: Lhasa –Potala Palace – Jakhang Temple - Namtso Lake

Day four – day seven: Yangdrok Lake –Shigatse – Mount Everest National Park –Tashilhunpo Monastery

Day eight – day ten: Lhasa – Changsha (Sky train: Qinghai – Tibet Railway)

This travel enriched employees amateur cultural life, inspired the staff's enthusiasm and motivation, enhanced the team spirit between departments, mutual awareness and enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise, fully demonstrated our enterprise spirit and corporate image.